Teepee tent DIY – Tipi zelt zum selbermachen

Hi there,

our daughter Joy turned 1 this weekend (OMG, still can’t believe, but will share my feelings and learnings on this one in another blog post), so she received lots of gifts, most of them meant to nurture her imagination and help her learn by playing.

I am not very handy, but I really wanted to do something for her by myself – so I have done some research and decided to go for a teepee (tipi in German) tent. The inspiration for this comes from the tents used by native American people, and brings a feeling of adventure to the kids’ room. As we are keen on teaching Joy to be courageous, adventurous and a free spirit, I really wanted to have a teepee to start with.

What do you need?

  1. 5 wood poles 1.8m high, 4×1.4m printed textile (choose the print to fit you nursery theme – for us a cloudy sky worked perfectly) and matching colour thread
  2. 5m of cord
  3. scissors
  4. measuring tape
  5. optional: drilling machine, sewing machine (optional if you can sew by hand)

How to?

check the step-by-step picture tutorial below and drag mouse over for short explanations.

EnJOY! Our little Joy is totally excited, hope your kids will love it too!



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