Bump care: how to (try to) avoid stretch marks?

Can we actually avoid stretch marks on that growing bump and hump?

The answer may lay more than we think in our good old genes.. but good daily skincare and a healthy steady weight gain and subsequent lost can definitively help! Plus, spending time on caring for yourself during pregnancy is always welcome!

I am lucky to have no stretchies left after my first pregnancy and birth, but, again, the magic could come from some far inherited genes (NOT my mum)? In any case, I did do my best to avoid or minimize them, and I will repeat the winning ritual also during this pregnancy..

  1. No matter what you use, do hydrate and massage your skin every day, focusing on breast, belly, popo (German for behind) and tighs
  2. Take weekly long relaxing baths and use a gentle peeling for your body
  3. Hydrate also the old-school way: 2 liters of water daily sisters
  4. Avoid over-indulging (ok on indulging though 🙂 with sweets and also not going to hard on yummy fatty stuff (burger, Döner and the kind)
  5. I do have a list of products I could swear by, but you need to try out more and see what feels best (I did try almost every bump cream out there, till I decided to stick to these)
  • Mustela belly lotion (I get 2-3 tubes when I am in France on holidays or work and they last through whole pregnancy and the time after birth). Not sure if available in Germany.. but it’s out there online to buy
  • Boob Tube 😉 breast cream from Mio Skincare (the whole pregnancy line is great: I used the eye cream, hydrating face cream and face wash gel – the line is call Mama Mio and it’s totally safe for the little one in your belly too). Not available everywhere in Germany, so I got it online
  • Natural / essential body oil all day every day (got one from Belly Button, available everywhere in Germany, but also online)

After my first birth, I went on a spa weekend to do some body hydration and care treatments. But will definitely try something at home this time, as I have a feeling that spa weekends with 2 small babies will be hard to organize.. I heard about the Sepai body treatment, so I will give it a try and let you know..

Take care of you, ladies!


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